Monday, January 26, 2009

The Taker...

A Lesson in Davidism...

‘a’= 1

So I was lucky enough to have Dora go all Betty Crocker on it and whip me up a batch of cupcakes for my birthday. (yeah I’m 25, thank you all) So being the giver that I am, I bring six of the formerly nine cupcakes to work. So I get to work and not only is the mainstay crew of Jon, Andre and Chris Ho as well. Sounds good right? That morning I watched Cartoons ate a big bowl of Honey Nut Cherio's, Obama got Inaugurated. A happier day could not have been had... Until
Enter: THE TAKER. The cupcakes come in, and all is well we’re enjoying Yellowy cupcakes with chocolate frosting. (delicious!) But here comes the Taker. There’s this creepy dude we’ll just call him Taker (keeps things easy) He’s nice enough but at the same time just really fucking weird.

This is a conversation between Myself, Jon and Chris Ho and The Taker...

JUSTIN: Hey Jon Matt’s cousin made Cupcakes!

JON: Cool! (I can’t really remember what he said. In fact he probably wasn’t paying attention.)

CHRIS HO: I’m supposed to work out to day; but if they’re birthday cupcakes, how can I refuse.

JUSTIN: Yeah take one it’s cool! There’s enough here for everybody!


TAKER: Could I have A cupcake!

‘A’= 1 (or so I thought.

Justin looks at Chris

JUSTIN: Uh... Yeah that’s cool...

The TAKER reaches for a cup cake.

So despite random guy taking a cupcake conversation and coolness maintain as usual. Andre is talking books, I’m shooting shit with Chris, and Jon Ho is doing what Jon Ho does...everything.
As we stand by the counter there’s a peculiar look in the Taker’s eyes as he holds a cupcake. His eyes shift back and for as though he’s contemplating, thinking and then he strikes! He walks over to the cupcake tray and while he has cupcake one in hand GRABS another cupcake! YES he did it! He took another cupcake before he even ate the other. Nothing was said, because of the sheer amount of shock that was coursing through my system, fucking crazy!

The Taker is school in July (no class).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer of Unmatchable Hustle

After a summer hiatus, I now come back to bring you my noodnik sense of cool. That guy in first place my hustle is like his unmatched

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Every now and again I get interesting questions, whilst I sling books. So I figured I’ll start answering them blog style so all of you can share in my awesome insights.

Last Wednesday (06-04-08) I got the comment/Question of

Q: I was reading Hellboy and I noticed that in early sketches of the character he had more of a superhero and in the comics he has very sunken shoulders. What up with that?

Well here’s the deal, from reading interviews with Mike Mignolga he based Hellboy’s persona around every boy’s first superhero his pops. Mike’s dad was a cabinet maker who routinely witnessed other guys getting nails stuck in their hands and getting 15 inch shards of wood as splinters. His dad would come home and tell him about it, and be all casual about it.
What does this has to do with Hellboy’s sullen shoulders? Well it’s simple, Hellboy acts the same way, he treats the work he does like a job. In the movie he’s more of an unsung hero and not like comic Hellboy who’s just a blue collar working stiff. His posture reflects this. You ever have to wake up early for school or work and the first words out of your mouth is just a string of obsenities? Imagine if your job was to deal with weird bastards who want to use magic to bring about the apocalypse, or watching your fish buddy get shot by a monkey? That’s this guys life, it seems more taxing than heroic. That’s why I think Hellboy is awesome he’s not angst ridden sissy he’s a man’s man, there’s no time for that crap.

Some one came in recently and asked me point blank this question (06-11-08)

Q: What’s going on in X-Men?

A: Four words: The fuck if I know.

See you at the shop...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So it's 12:05 am Wednesday morning, I stumble across Tila Tequila and there is only one phrase that can describe my feelings towards this show and Tila Tequila herself...

What a self indulgent whore...

that is all.

I usually try and have a picture of something to keep everyone who reads this thing at least visually stimulating. but no right now I'm terribly upset at everyone who made this "See You Next Tuesday" famous

Go to Hell

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Like most things in life when you get enough people doing something, it kind of becomes a community. I started blogging cause of my boy Neil Parbhu. Then I started reading Massacre Mike K's then Tim started his blog, then Jon Ho. We're all into similar stuff but every blog is unique.

If you're looking for cool we got the market cornered now there's a new (to me) blog that belongs to an old skool friend of mine Steph! Her art is wild, and I think you all know my affinity for art. I'll keep adding to the list of cool people who do cool blogs.

Also There will be a crazy post about stuff tomorrow...

Since i can't think of an image that works i'm just gonna put something cool to look at

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Looking Forward...

So the tide has turned on DC comics. Two years ago the lead up to Infinite Crisis is all the rage, OMAC's were all around, magic itself was tearing itself apart, B-List villains were fighting against the big boys and alian wars were tearing the galaxy apart. All fronts were being assulted and the three greatest heroes were at each others throats. Weather its bringing back the multiverse or destroying it, Infinite Crisis, One Year Later and 52 were some of the most inventive things in comics, it's never been seen, the years of planing the almost Marvelization of the villains and the big creative teams. DC was at the top of it's game and I bought in, I was a big supporter of this new wave of strong editorially controlled comics, I welcomed back the iron fist of the Jim Shooter days. Then they got some top talent writing books. Kuberts, Richard Donner, Terry Dodson and a whole mess of guys who write stories that we all enjoy. Then they just stopped producing. How do you have Adam and Andy guys who were the go to guys over at Marvel and then they stopped working. So all the crazy good stories and creative teams just never showed up.

Over at Marvel the cock and bull wild west antics of free range writing and late books was super shitty. With the exception of anything written by Bendis and Brubaker, editorially it was a mess. (I'll save talk about Marvel for later.)

The tide has turned, over at DC continuity had become greed, and what started out as the cool idea of weekly comics turned into weekly comics with fifty million off shoot books. Countdown... alright i can buy in. Countdown To (Adventure/Mystery/What the Fuck Ever) at 3.99 a book and eight months of your life that's when the riot begins. Some of the stuff is good, but wholly unnessisary in the grand scheme of things.

This Final Crisis better pay off, The art will be strong, it's J.G. Jones. I have no idea what to expect from the writing, Grant Morrison is good but a little off kilter at times, what happens when you give him control of the crossover that's gonna decided what happens at DC for the next year?

There will be some good coming out of this, there is something good coming in August, a three issue mini written by DC mastermind Geoff Johns and drawn by George Perez. SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF THREE WORLDS is gonna kick some serious ass. Over the past year Superman Prime has become one of the coolest villains because he is fanboy, he wants to kill what he doesn't like and hates the multiverse, and when he's rolling three world's deep with the baddest of the bad... FUCK YEAH! This is gonna be sweet. I think Geoff Johns is the only guy who can handle a company wide crossover. He knows the history he knows the characters and man if anything the real awesome comes in August, but we're gonna have to hold out keep the faith and read whatever crisis is thrown at us, or we can read about the Cylo-- I mean Skrull invasion...

See you at the shop.

By the way, I have it on good authority that Camron is a Skrull. Do with that you will.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally! Something Worth Posting About!!!!

One of the biggest thing to me about NYCC this year to me was footage from season 3 of one of the best cartoons to hit planet earth ever, and no ignoramus I do not mean Family Guy, I mean real cartooning, cartooning that rolls big with laughter and just awesome. VENTURE BROTHERS!!!!!* So cause it's 2 in the morning and I'm wide awake and excited without further adew the trailer!